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7 Best Podcasts for Students: Unlocking Learning and Inspiration

In today’s fast-paced digital age, podcasts have become an increasingly popular source of information, entertainment, and inspiration. For students, the world of podcasting offers a wealth of educational content, self-improvement tools, and engaging storytelling that can complement their academic journey and personal growth. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the […]

7 Websites To Motivate & Grow Your Skills

2023 is the correct year to take your game to the next level. It’s the time to show how bad you want to achieve your dreams. Below 7 websites aims to inspire and educate readers to make positive changes in their lives by promoting a holistic approach to health and well-being. The website’s content is […]

7 Best Hollywood Motivational Movies

Movies have the incredible ability to move us emotionally and inspire us to reach for our dreams. When a well-crafted story is combined with powerful performances and a meaningful message, it can have a profound impact on our lives. Motivational movies not only entertain us but also ignite a fire within us, encouraging us to […]

7 Influencing Books for Students

Reading plays a crucial role in a student’s intellectual and personal development. It expands their knowledge, enhances critical thinking skills, and cultivates empathy. To broaden their horizons and encourage personal growth, students should delve into a variety of genres and explore books that have influenced generations. This article presents a selection of seven influential books […]

7 Best Motivational Movies For Students

Movies make us laugh, they make us cry and even make us cheer!! but some movies are special one as their story and narration inspires us a lot. Despite of all adversities and difficulties, we can relate to them. We all need motivation (Motivational) for dealing so tough competition in our day to day life. […]

एक दावत ऐसी भी

फोन की घंटी बज रही थी…. पाठक जी बाथरूम से दौड़ते हुए आए और फ़ोन उठाया… हां हेलो बोलिए ठाकुर साहब !! “अरे पाठक जी… आज मेरे भाई की शादी कि दावत है…. और आपका पता ही नहीं चल रहा। कहां हैं आप ? “ ठाकुर साहब ने पूछा। ‘ अरे बस निकल रहे घर से…. […]

बेटी का जन्मदिन

एक मध्यवर्गीय परिवार में होने के बावजूद राहुल के सपने बहुत बुलंद थे। आने वाली 25 तारीख को राहुल के बेटी का जन्मदिन था, जिसके लिए वह काफी उत्सुक था। राहुल और मेघा ने सोचा कि वह इस साल ‘नेहा’ का जन्मदिन शहर के किसी अच्छे होटल में मनाएंगे जिसमें वो नेहा दोस्तों और अपने […]

Privilege – Short Stories Online For Adults And Kids Fiction

“C’mon Trisha, come inside now. It’s late.” “Just one more lesson, please Maa!” I walked towards my garden with a cup of coffee. As usual, all her stuffed toys were  lined up on the floor.  Placing her drooping dupatta, which  she had sneaked from my wardrobe, on her shoulder, she looked up in the sky. […]

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