Heavy Rain

“Sounds like rain?” 

“What?” Preoccupied with my thoughts, I asked. To my surprise, I hadn’t even noticed anyone sitting at the other corner of my bench. 

“It seems like it’s going to rain. The thunderous clouds, the swift wind and this eve, all are absolute indicators! Oh man, where can I get some warm tea?” With the excitement of a child he questioned, as if rains are going to untangle all the mess! Maybe his, not mine.

 Nothing in the world can work out my problems!

“Can you tell me where to get some tea in this park?”

Park Enterance

“Umm, I don’t know. Maybe in the shop at the entrance, I am not sure.” I answered indifferently. To be honest, the rain never appeals to me. The after mess, the traffic, the mud clog and the irritating couples buzzing everywhere, it would be the last thing I wish would happen in my already stuck life.

I took a deep breath.

“What’s your name?”

“Ria” I replied sternly.

” Are you struggling with something? Do you want to talk?”

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“Something? Is there anything left with which I am not struggling? The publisher rejected my book today on which I had been working for a year, my bills are due, my parents think I am a failure and eventually I have started thinking the same. I am 26 years old with no direction in my life! And you’ll help? Are you genie or do you have a magic spell?”

 I wanted to yell this aloud but kept it confined to my thoughts. Instead I responded with a simple no.

“What do you do?”

“I am a writer.”


“Wow! An artist.””Well, not precisely. My book got rejected.”

“Hey, it’s drizzling!!”

“Ohh no, I should go.”

“What really!! Come on , it’s the first rain of the season and we are in a park! Enjoy it.”

“No, thank you.”  The habit of people over-hyping anything annoys me, like this person’s obsession with rain!

“Well, you are a writer. Articulate the scene to me in your words!”

“I have better things to do!”

“What? Cry about your failure? Or are you scared you won’t be able to write a simple para?”

He was so straightforward, it was like my innervoice had personified. 

” Well, it’s a beautiful scene. People are enjoying with their families, children are playing. There’s a rainbow adding to the beauty…

“Really!!” He interrupted me with his piercing laugh. “It’s like you are reading a 1st grade English book. No wonder your book got rejected!”

 “Excuse me!!” I was pissed off. It felt like a challenge.

“Feel the beauty in this scene. Place trust in your words, believe what you are portraying. Convince me that this day is beautiful.”

I took a pause and looked around. I let all my negativity take a rest and left myself free. By this time, it was raining heavily.

Change your Attitude…Change Your Life

With the cozy drizzling, to this downpour to the elegant rainbow, it’s the most beautiful transition. It feels like nature has taken over mankind, and nothing can be more perfect. It depicts love and ferocity in concert.

The roaring clouds, the waterflood and the trailing petrichor- I feel as if this is my life. I am getting canopied by barriers, but my persistence, like this steady rain, will help me walk over it. The outcome, like petrichor, will unfurl it’s scent all over my life. 

Sitting on a wooden bench in the middle of a beautiful park, the drenched greenery fencing me , a stranger beside me engrossed with tea and rain, all this was nothing a moment ago but now everything feels different- everything has purpose. I feel all my dilemma will one day drip down like these drops of water from my jeans and walk away, till then I shall continue with my clouds and winds.

I stopped. He smiled.

” See,  you have fabricated  such an elegant view  with just your words, even for a blind man like me. Your rainbow is out there, keep raining.”

He waved me goodbye and left.

It was not him but me – I had convinced myself. 

With the cozy drizzling, to this downpour to the elegant rainbow, it’s the most beautiful transition” – I felt this transition in me.

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 From the burdened to the untied to the freedom,  this transition felt winsome.

Happy Reading 🙂

I am CA Sakshi Kesharwani who loves to be creative with words. I have written poems, stories and musings. Love to express my imagination through pen and paper.
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