Time And Tide Will Keep Moving

I still remember, it was year 2012 and I was preparing for my CAT (Common Aptitude Test) examination. It was my college days and most of us have the same schedule in this era, waking up at 5 or 6 in morning, getting ready for coaching and then way to college for attending lectures. After lectures many of us went to canteen and finally to hostel for some extra curricular activities. But one day we met someone in our coaching lectures, who made a huge impact on everyone’s life.

On that day, we all were having our quant classes in the institution and suddenly there was a knock on the classroom door.

It was the faculty who entered the room with a guest lecturer.

Good Morning Students!, We have a guest in front of us. Let’s welcome Mr. Pankaj to our institution, said the faculty head.

(Everyone applauded)

Mr. Pankaj – Hello Friends, How’s everyone ? Hope preparations are going fantastic ?

Ankit (One of Batchmate)- Yes, sir!

Good, so let’s have a quick 15 mints session with all, said Mr. Pankaj

(Everyone was curious for the session as Mr. Pankaj was looking very energetic)

Mr. Pankaj- Friends, If I give you $86,400 or in Indian currency it will be 64.80 Lacs. How you are going to spend all of this money ? Rule is you have to spend all, you can’t do any savings.

One of our batchmate Satish replied, Sir I will buy 2 Lamborghini.

(Everyone laughs on his reply)

Mr. Pankaj- That’s good Satish, so let me again give you $86,400 or in Indian currency it will be 64.80 Lacs. Now where you’ll spend?

Now I’ll buy Gold sir, said Satish

Mr. Pankaj- Wow! Good one, so Satish if I again give $86,400 or in Indian currency it will be 64.80 Lacs to you. What you’ll buy now?

While Satish was thinking how to spend, suddenly Himanshi replied, Sir I will by 2 Bungalow & rest amount I will donate in orphanage.

Mr. Pankaj- Good… Himanshi, but I will repeat my question again.. Where you will invest your next $86,400 or in Indian currency it will be 64.80 Lacs to you ?

Sir I’ll buy all the malls of the city, said Himanshi

Okay, if I give you $86,400 again ? Mr. Pankaj said.

Sir from where you’ll arrange such a huge amount ? Do you have any Jin or you know magic ?, I raised a question

Everyone was laughing on the question, but there was a lesson which we learnt in next 5 mints.

Mr. Pankaj said, Listen Yatindra.. I don’t have any Jin & I don’t know any magic. Even I don’t have such a huge amount to give you or anyone else. But the most important thing is everyday God gives of $86,400 to spend.

Where sir ?, Satish interrupted in the middle.

Mr. Pankaj said, Satish Just like bank account, God also gives everyone 86,400 seconds for a particular day. It’s just like $86,400 and the rules are same for both. You have to spend it wisely, you can’t save it or hold it. If you’ll wisely utilize your 86,400 seconds, you are going to make your life a best one. Always remember despite of so many challenges Time & Tide will keep Moving. Prepare your To-Do list, divide seconds of your life and you’ll start achieving your every task before the time limit .i.e If you watch movie it’s not just 3 hours, it’s 10,800 seconds of your day. If you reached late to your office it’s not just 20 minutes, it’s 1200 seconds.

” Friends, Work on small things and it will help you to make the results large

With this Mr. Pankaj filled us with some extra energy and there was a smile on everyone’s face.

We were feeling positive and thinking, we may didn’t earn $86,400 from Pankaj Sir but this session had changed our vision. It was not just a 15 mints session it was a 900 seconds sessions.

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