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Friends In my previous article, I had mentioned that each day God gives us 86,400 seconds to shape our life and it totally depends upon us, how we fully utilize our time for shaping our future. Apart of this, while moving to our goals, we face a serious problem in our daily routine i.e STRESS.

Stress always distract us from our path and kills our precious time duration…even due to stress we just waste our time in just sitting quietly and feeling Unconscious…on the other side, if we want to be a successful person than we should remove stress from our life.

The main question is how its possible to remove stress from our life.?

Today Stress became a part of our life, but don’t give importance to stress and think of some stress reliever in your life. If you are passionate and determined you can remove stress soon.

There is no formula for stress reliever it totally depend upon our interest. We can just plan four-five activities which we like the most and it will only reduce our stress, and you may call them as a stress reliever activities.

In case you are in stress you can play your favorite games on Phone, Laptops, outdoors or Indoors, it will reduce your stress.

Even if anyone interested in spirituality, may go to such places for little time or may read few pages of spiritual books which will take away his stress..

If there are small kids in your house then just spend few hours with them, enjoy with them it will make you stress free soon. You can make a habit of playing with them just ten minutes daily to take off your stress.

Even think to choose any inspirational books, or some good inspirational stories…you can also read motivational quotes so that your stress level gets controlled. These type of reading will surely decrease your stress from your body.

If you love music, then play the track and get ready for dance. Listen friends, Don’t worry about your surrounding just play the song…close your eyes…. raise your hand and start the Barati dance. Give your full energy into it for five-ten minutes, it’s the real stress reliever for you.

It’s your interested activities which provide you stress free environment at a time when you are really stressed. If you are not getting anything for reducing your stress its time to sit down calmly, closing your eyes and chanting the name of your Almighty for five minutes, it will really give you relief from your stress and if you want to get the best results to control your stress, then you should do meditation daily in the morning, Just take out five-six minutes from your daily routine, sit quietly in relaxed posture, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing, don’t think about anything. Be in this posture for 5 minutes.

I assure you friends whenever you are in great stress, it will surely help you to overcome from the well of stress and make yourself happy.

Friends Don’t take stress in your life, If your schedule is very busy, either your exam is near or any tension is there, just raise your hand and get ready for Barati dance or whichever activity that makes you stress free.

You may share your own stress reliever activities with your friends and may get some new ideas to lower your stress.

Its just one life to live, It’s not the Year in our Life, but The Life in our Years that enjoy each and every movement happily and make the atmosphere electrify with joy.

If you liked this article please Share to others and Suggest me Your Stress Reliever. Will share your Stress Reliever in my Next Blog.

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  1. Very nice dear Yatendra even I feel motivated after reading this.. Stress management is very essential now-a-days for almost every person,weather professionals or any individual… So very good effort keep this continue. God bless you!

  2. Greetings! Very useful advice within this post! It’s the little changes that will make the biggest changes.
    Thanks a lot for sharing!

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