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This article is about ‘Power of Investing in Stock Market‘.

Exactly 2 months ago on 26th September 2022, the price of one share of Indian Railway Finance Corp (IRFC) was ₹20.90. Means you can purchase 1 share at ₹20.90.

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If you had invested ₹10,000rs on 26th September, you have been allotted with 478.46 shares

About the Company:

Indian Railway Finance Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Indian Railways, Ministry of Railways, Government of India. It raises financial resources for expansion and running through capital markets and other borrowings.

Revenue: 13,823.45 Crores INR (Year 2020)
Net Income: 3,658.72 Crores INR (Year 2020)

Headquarters: New Delhi

Founded: 12 December 1986

Now on 29th November 2022 the price of 1 share was ₹35.30.

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If you still had your 478.46 shares, its current value have been jumped to ₹16,889.95. This is approx. 1.69x of your invested amount. (69% Growth)

and if you had invested 1 Lacs instead of 10000 just 2 months back then the return would have 1.69 Lacs.

So HUGE !! Isn’t it ?

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Hope you got the short information about Power of Investing.

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