Importance of Family

Importance of Family
Once upon a time a king called his Commander in Chief’s and ask him to explain the importance of family. He gave every person one week time for this activity. And announced a big prize for the person who will explain in the best way.
After one week, everyone gathered in the king’s court. King granted permission to his Commander in Chief for the activity.
Commander in Chief said, ‘ Thank you all for gathering and participating in this activity. We will start one by one and in last King will address the court’
The first person stood up and said, O my King! Family is important because we get happiness when we are with our families.
Second person said, His majesty the king! Family is important because we learn rites from them. Family stand with us every time.
Third person said, When we are in young phase of our life, its family who takes right decision for us which is the best thing.
Fourth Person said, Family is a never ending process, my grandfather was blessed by my father, my father was blessed to have me and this will continue so on. So family is important because the cycle is important.
King appreciated everyone’s way of thinking and finally starts explaining his thoughts on importance of family. He used few things to explain his activity.
He took an empty glass jar and placed stones into it, until jar was fulled with stones.
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He asked everyone, is the Jar full ?

Everyone replied with a big Yes !
Then the king poured his pearls in the same jar, which was filled with stones. Pearls were small in size so all the pearls adjusted through the gap formed due to stones in the jar.
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King again asked everyone, Is the jar full ?

Yes, Commander in Chief replied.
King picked the sand, which he has kept aside and poured the sand in the same jar. Sand slightly settled down in the jar through the gaps of pearls and stones.
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Same question arose again, Is the jar full ?

There was a confusion among the people present in the court, and then few replied, Yes! Almighty King.
King looked at everyone’s face, and smiled. King said, Assume this jar as your Life.
Stones as your families.
Pearls as some important works I.e. your jobs, projects
Sand as least important works I.e. your anger, time waste, wasting money.
So if you fill the jar, first with pearls (Jobs, Project, Responsibility) then you won’t be fix the stones (Family) in the jar (Life)
& If you fill the jar, first with Sand (Least important works I.e. anger, sad, enemy) then you will be neither able to pour pearls (Jobs, Project, Responsibility) nor Stones (Family).
Hence the moral of this activity was to make you understand the Importance of your family.
Spend time, take meals together, love each other.
There was a smile on everyone’s face and definitely they understood it better.
The same story connects with you also,
If you will keep filling the jar with pearls or sand means if you keep wasting your time or energy on the pity things which is least important you will never have a room for your family.
Spend time with your parents, play with your children, keep loving your loved ones. Go out for dinner with wife.
Always remember, STONES in the jar will keep enriching your life always.
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  1. Excellent Example, Managers need to lead this initiative otherwise it will remain as a script. We need to Practice what we Preach.

  2. This is so motivating.. Especially to Me wifi alot of family disagreements. Thankyou. I hope things will get better.

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