How to Remember the things you read

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Reading has been the secret to so many people’s success, from Bill Gates who reads 50 books a year to Elon Musk who claims to have read 10+ hours a day when he was younger. Many people will be surprised but the fact is Reading is as important as the physical exercise for your body.

It is good for you because it improves your focus, memory, empathy and communication skill. It even reduce stress, improves your mental health, and help you to be more creative. This article will guide you about the various way you can remember the things you read in any book.

Here are the tips I personally use to help me remember everything I read from Books-

1.Use Light Markers to Highlight:

While reading the book you can mark the key points with a highlighter and this will benefit you while rereading the book or making any notes from the book.

Use Read wise to pull in all your Kindle highlights and then, every morning, it will email you 5 different highlights.

2. Summarise and Discuss:

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After reading, you need to summarise the book and discuss with the friends or Colleagues who were on the same topic or reading the same book.

Discussion helps us to know the book better. There might be some chances that you have left some important key point un touched.

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3. Build mental connections while you read:


Along with note-taking, active reading involves creating associations between what you’re currently reading and what you already know about the subject matter or how it applies to your life.

As you read and come across new ideas, try to associate them with familiar memories as a means of creating a bond between old and new. This might mean pairing new thoughts with familiar or objects or using acronyms to connect ideas.

4. Focus on Fun Reading & Stop when Bored:

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Many people are bored when reading not because the books themselves are boring, but because of other factors like Vocabulary, lack of time, Overstimulation etc.

Try few key points to make it a fun Reading

  • ● Choose the right book
  • ● Maker the Key points to liked
  • ● Try E-Readers or Audiobooks
  • ● Pick a book on which a movie or show was made
  • ● Incentivise completing books.

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5. Apply what you have learned

So, you’ve finished the book. Now what? How can you use what you have learned? At this point, you’ve done everything in your power to consume, digest, and correct the ideas you’ve read.

Take the time to make a plan and decide how to implement key lessons for the book

6. Reread (If Necessary):

Great books should be read more than once. While rereading them can seem like a waste of time because there are so many tasks to do, but this is a misunderstanding of the learning process.

The best time to start rereading a great book is right after finishing and this will help you in memorizing the important key lessons from the book.

7. Explain it to someone Else:


The best part of remembering a book; Teach it. According to Nobel Winning physicist Richard, one of the best ways to really do anything is to explain it in the most basic terms possible. Short sentences, Common language only.

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This will help you to memorize the things you have read in the book. I personally use this and that’s why I recommend you to use them as well

Happy Reading 🙂

Yatindra Pandey is the Founder of Motivational Dreams and studying self-development, personal finance and investment for last 3 years. Yatindra's mission is simply, to inspire others to live their dreams and be the person to whom they say, " Because of you, I never gave up. "
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