And Miles To Go Before I Quit

tie, necktie, adjust
tie, necktie, adjust

One morning I got a call from my friend Nick. After Hearing his words I was shocked, he said that he wants to quit his life & today he is going to do suicide. I didn’t expected these words from him, So I took my car and went to meet him in the Park.

On way to park I thought about his financial problem so I went to ATM and withdrawal some cash to support him if he requires it. Thousand of questions were running in my head why a boy with full of motivation and dreams is willing to quit his life ? What happened to him ? Why he didn’t told me earlier ? Thousand question had only one solution Nick. So finally I reached the park and saw nick setting in the corner of the Park.

Hi Nick, I Said

Why you came here I don’t want to meet anyone, please leave me alone, Nick said in anger

Listen Nick… please tell what happened ?and Is there any possibility to solve your problem ? Please Tell me Nick.

In few Second Nick was in my lap and he was Crying, I hold his hand tried to console him ‘ All will be Well Nick, Don’t Worry.’

He Said, I tried my best but I didn’t got selected for civil services and If I could not become IAS officer then there is no AIM to live. 

Suddenly, I notice one old man was looking at us and then he came to us and asked the reason behind Nick’s sadness. I told him that he wants to quit his life as he had done preparation for CIVIL SERVICES but instead of these hard works he couldn’t not Qualify the Examination. Old man had a smile on his face and his every words were like a sunshine in the darkness for Us. He started,

‘Look at your surrounding, do you see plants, grasses, bamboo tree ? Yes Uncle, I Said.

When I planted these together I had to care a lot, every morning I came for watering these plants in afternoon to safeguard these plants, bamboo & grasses from animals. So after few months of my efforts a small place was covered with grasses and some leaves were grown from mango plant but there were no shine of growth in bamboo plant. I kept my efforts for watering these plants, grasses & bamboo and safeguarding from animals. It took one more year and in the summer season mango plant became a small tree with few mango fruits on it, but still there were no shine of growth in bamboo plant.

One Day My wife said, Hey why you don’t use the ground for some other plant as there’s no scope seen for bamboo plant ? I denied to quit and kept my efforts on regular basis. I was determine and had hope for bamboo plant. So After 4 years of continuous effort one morning I saw small leave in the bamboo plant. This small leave gave me hundred times energy as it was the result for Four continuous efforts.

You both will not believe that the small leave of bamboo grown upto a height of 50 ft in next 8 months and it was much higher than the grasses or plants.

I Said, what happened to bamboo tree in first 4 years ? Why it didn’t grew in these years ?

He said, actually bamboo plant was strengthening it’s roots and this root only gave the strength to stand straight in the sky and to enjoy beautiful creation of god.

Listen Nick, God has created everyone, the challenges we face are there to make us strong and determined for our future. As I didn’t quit my effort during those 4 years so why your are quitting? Don’t compare your life with anyone.

He continued, I have faith in you that you’ll rise above these challenges and will make your parents proud. Everyone has different life and AIM.

Go with your dreams, Even the Dreams Come True.

He asked, do you know how long that bamboo tree will grow? 

I said, It will grow according to his capabilities and willingness.

You are correct my Boy, he smiled and left us with lots of motivation. Now sadness had no place on my Friend’s face. He was much confident about his career and studies.

We left for our homes With the lesson And miles to Go before I Quit.

Three months later the bamboo tree’s height grown by few more feets.

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