7 Ways To Motivate Yourself

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It might happen with you, when you watch any motivational movies or video clips or read some motivational blogs you feel highly energetic. You prepare a time table or To-do list, logout yourself from all social websites and set your goals. You work on one agenda i.e to achieve your desire goal within the given time frame.

But here comes the BUT of your life i.e. the second phase. Even after being so motivated; one day your positive thoughts and motivation disappear from your to-do list. You left with your normal life, waiting for new motivations, which can boost your enthusiasm and morale.

So In this post, I’ll share 7 Ways To Motivate Yourself and this will help you to keep your motivation always high.

1. Do what you love– If you regularly need some motivation to wake-up from bed and another motivation to get ready for your work. DUDE, I think you are on wrong track of your life. First step is to change your work, do that work in which you feel happy. Don’t go what your friend likes or your neighbor suggests. Do what makes you happy. If you’ll go through the journey of successful people all have the same formula for their life, ‘ Do what you Love or Love what you do’

David Frost

Don’t aim for success if you want it, just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally

David Frost

Change your language- ‘You can’t do it’ , ‘Somehow I have finished this’ or ‘Its boring, I don’t wanna be a part of it’. If you use these languages, definitely you will weaken your motivation. So its important to choose and change your language for positive approach. Use ‘I have leant many new things from this project’ instead of ‘ Somehow I have completed this project’ or ‘ It’s my pleasure to meet you sir’ instead of ‘Lets meet and move on’. Change the way you look at things and you’ll see your life changing.

Look for good things- Find a way to link yourself to good things. These good things can anything either music or books. Take some time to cook or play outdoor games. Do the good things that makes you feel light and happy. Share stories or ride with your loved ones. It’s one life so make it more valuable and cheer up for good things.

Change your HOW- Don’t forget to work on your HOW. Decide in how many days you’ll do the task. How many teammates are required or how you’ll plan the project. Sometimes working on how to do a task, gives you the clear idea to reach your goal. I think it is mastering your art, that will make it a beautiful piece.

Limit your task- The best thing is to set a time frame for your work and then work accordingly. Lets imagine a football team running around the ground with football but there are no goal areas in the field. So how long they will run with no goals ? And will it be interesting ? May be NO. So you have to set a limit for your task, working in limited time frame will keep your focus on it and you’ll always be motivated for your work.

Change your surrounding- Just imagine a building that is surrounded by dirty water, waste and mud. What will be the life of that particular building ? And will you buy that building ? Many of you will say a big NO!. Why ? Because of its surrounding. Same apply to us also, if we are surrounded with negative people or non essential things, it will decrease our values/motivation. So it’s important to choose a good or suitable surrounding to keep your motivation on high peak.

Take a break- Finally the most important part is to take a break. Yes! you are correct. Do you remember while watching movies on 70 mm screen in multiplex or Cinema hall and mid of movie there’s intermission ? Maximum people enjoy movie but then also there’s a Intermission/break in between the movie. Same apply with life, either you are in tension/stress or happy/smiling take break in life, feel the past, enjoy the present and think of the future.

Helen Edwards

In this game, everyone needs a break to refuel, recharge, and jump back in full throttle.

Helen Edwards

Try out these motivational techniques, and find the best which suits you. Do write your motivational techniques that inspire you to work.

Happy Reading 😊

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