7 Ways To Make Smile Perfect

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SMILE! is not just a word but a way of communication. A person who smiles looks more friendlier in respect to a person with sad face. We are naturally drawn to the people who smile. The old proverb saying ” Laugh it out “have suggested that smiling is not only a nonverbal indicator of happiness but also a way to hand stress, get attention. There are thousands benefits under one SMILE, but in this hard and fast life we don’t pay attention for oral health problem. Which results toothache, Discoloring, Cavity etc. and indirectly become a blockage for our smile.

So in this article you’ll read about, “7 ways that will make your smile perfect.”

Choose good Whitening Product– If you use tobacco related products or eat or drink sugar related food or beverages, yellowing of teeth can be a problem. So to find solution there are variety of toothpaste available in market which you can choose as per your requirement i.e. Gel, Liquid, salt, Ayurveda. Every toothpaste have different purpose, some work on tooth ache and some keeps your mouth fresh while some are used for whiter and brighter teeth. So be wise in choosing the correct toothpaste for a perfect smile.

Quit Smoking– Smoking can lead to gum disease. Bad smell & tooth discoloration. Smoking damages health gums, causing the to recede and develop large pockets around teeth. This makes teeth looks longer and creates gaps between them.

Less coffee & Tea– In morning everyone loves bed tea or coffee, but you know whenever you consume tea or coffee, the bacteria in your mouth will break down the sugar which leads to increase acid levels in your mouth. This acid creates discoloring of tooth, Toothache and other oral issues. So limiting your coffee & tea will make your smile perfect.

Brushing twice a day– For a healthy smile, you need to do brushing twice a day. Each time of you brush, take some toothpaste (as per your requirement) and continue the process for at least 2-3 mints. Brushing will not only keep your mouth healthy but prevents from cavities and plaque for building up on your teeth.

Drink plenty of water– It doesn’t matter if your glass is half empty or full filled, Drinking water is always good for health. Food, Coffee,Sweetened drinks can left some sugar particles in your mouth. Which will indirect create a lot of issues in oral health. And drinking plenty of water can reduce the risk of cavity. So Keep drinking water regularly.

Get the best toothbrush– Like toothpaste, you can find multiple brands of toothbrushes in markets. It can be separated on types bristles i.e. ultra soft, soft, hard, medium, average. Even you can select toothbrush on the basis of handles i.e. straight, curved, plastic, angled, with rubber grip. All you can do is to choose your Toothbrush according to your requirement.

Visit dentist twice a year– Dentist are not limited to fix your teeth. They professionally cleans your teeth, ensure your teeth and gums are healthy and check abnormality in mouth that can cause a big oral problem in future. Keeping booked with dentist will ensure your long run in smile.

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