7 Techniques To Read More Book in Less Time

People have been writing books from centuries, till date approximately 13 crores books have been published. Even right now many are writing books and this continue for a long time. Reading can help in acquiring knowledge, improving memories, improving your writing skills, even can improve your focus and concentration. But the question is when was the last time you read a book?




A week ago..?

Or a month ago..?

Do you know, what’s the reading habits of great people ?

  • Warren Buffet spends 5-6 hours for reading newspaper. It can be a news related to finance, business or share market.
  • Bills Gates reads 50 Books a year, mainly related to business, charity, health or market updates.
  • Elon Musk reads 10 hours each day, things related to Science, Business and Satellites.

Reading is as important for your mind as the physical exercise for your body. But people give excuses like time issue or eye sight problems, and on an average they spend 2 hours of TV/Social Media surfing. Here in this Blog you’ll get to know the techniques.

7 Techniques through which you can read more book in less time:

1. Know your Why? – The first important step in this technique is to know your why? Why are you going to read, your reason should be genuine. Don’t decide the things if anyone has suggested or you got it as a sample. First Choose your Why? Is it for….

  • Education?
  • Entertainment?
  • Growth and business Ideas?
  • Time utilization?

This point should be clear in your mind, if you get clarity on this no one can stop to reach the goal.

2. Scanning- When you have a clarity on the Why you want to read, second step is to go for scanning. Scanning means check the details of the author or the reviews of the books from YouTube, TED or any-other book review website.

These TED talks or YouTube videos allows you to understand whether buying the books is okay ? Am I excited to read the book? and doing these things will not a take your single dollar. It will just take your 15-20 minutes for watching these on sites.

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3. On the Mark for Race- No…No you are not on the race track, its just the next technique which will help you to achieve the goals. On the mark denotes ‘Mark the Important Chapter’ you are willing to read.

Yes! Mark the important chapters, don’t go for the whole book and yes, it can be done. Reading a book is like ordering the meal in the restaurants. When you go in the restaurant, you order what you are willing to eat. The same you have to do with the books chapters. Read the chapters which are important for your knowledge.

(Don’t skip the Introduction and Chapter 1 of any book, these are important to under the things better.)

4. Highlight the lines- Highlighting helps to get more focused on reading. Second important help from highlighting the important content is we remember it for a long time.

Highlighting helps us while reading the books again, you don’t need to go through each and every line, reading the highlighted part can give you a broader idea of the book.

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5. Use of Journals- I carry a pen, highlighter and a journal, whenever I am reading a book. Its helps me to remember the book’s information for a long time.

When you complete any book, there are less chances to remember what you get from the book, you might forget. Many people highlight the important topics in book, and its good. Highlighting the topics helps us when we read the books again, but when you highlight in book and rewrite the important topic in the journal, it can help you to remembers the learning and topics better.

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6. Circle the Interest- Keep in mind, you are not here to read every single page of the book. I have seen few of my friends read from the first page to the last page of the book, and this is not the correct way to get knowledge.

You have to circle the interested part of the Books/Chapter/Paragraph in the beginning only. This will take time but it can support you to read more in the less time. Its just like your grocery shopping, whenever you go to buy grocery items from any store, you carry a list to purchase the items, you don’t buy all the things that are kept there and that’s the correct method. Use this technique in your book. Just circle the Chapters/Paragraph you want to read. It will help you read more in less time.


7. Use Fingers to Read Faster- You can use your fingers as a guide, the more you speed up your finger like 1x, 2x, 3x…… the quicker you’ll be able to read the book. The same thing audio book application use now a days, you can hear the audio depending upon the hearing speed. When you speed-up to 1 or 2 you simply using your fingers to read the normal book.

The other you can do to focus on the important terms in the line,it just helps you to understand the whole meaning of that line.

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Girl in Library

If you want to become an expert, the greatest way is to read books. If you want to be marketing expert, just reads 5-6 books on marketing and follow the above 7 techniques and this will help you to reach the desired goal. But remember 90% people will don’t go through this process but this will only differentiate between you and the rest.

I want to continuously grow myself and I think same for you, but this is not an overnight process. People ask me, Yatindra! whats the one book that can change my life ?

I don’t think a single book can change your life, actually you have to go through a lot of books, and you’ll need to learn the techniques to read more books in less time. Reading book is a growth process, just like a ‘Plant’. Whenever you water the plants, it grows. Same belong to Mind, when you read a lot, it gives you a fruitful result.

Happy Reading 🙂

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